Fullgreen's Riced Sweet Potato has 60% fewer carbs than white rice

  • 23g Carbs

  • 110 Calories

  • Gluten-Free

  • Low Sodium

  • Vegan

  • No Preservatives

Non-GMO Riced Veg

Riced Sweet Potato

200g / 7.05oz Pouch

Available In Store & Online

Ready-To-Eat, Riced Sweet Potato

Fullgreen’s Riced Sweet Potato is a lower-carb alternative to rice that's so comforting and flavorful it doesn't feel like a compromise.

Our ready-to-eat riced sweet potato has 60% fewer carbs than white rice. Each pouch is filled with non-GMO sweet potato (we leave the skin on, because it's packed with fiber, potassium and flavor). We don't add preservatives or salt and we certainly don't freeze it, unlike some other brands. We just wash it, chop it and steam it.

Riced Sweet Potato goes great with just about anything. Use it as a side, instead of rice, or whip it into a deliciously comforting mash. You can even top it with yogurt and fruit and eat it for breakfast (yes, really!).


99.95% Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato (99.95%), Calcium Chloride (Firming Agent)

Riced Sweet Potato Has 60% Fewer Carbs Than White Rice

23g Carbs / 110 Kcals Per 200g Serving

1 Serving Per Pouch

Macros Amount / % Daily Value
Total Fat 0g / 0%
Saturated Fat 0g / 0%
Trans Fat 0g / -
Cholesterol 0mg / 0%
Sodium 5mg / 0%
Total Carbs 23g / 8%
Dietary Fiber 5g / 18%
Total Sugars 9g / -
Added Sugars 0g / 0%
Protein 2g / -
Vit. D 1mcg / 6% Iron 1mg / 6%
Calcium 136mg / 10% Potassium 228mg / 4%

How come Fullgreen Products last so long? Do they contain preservatives?

All Fullgreen's low-carb products are preservative-free. The airtight packaging of Cauli Rice and Vegi Rice allows us to seal in the freshness of each product for up to 18 months without the need for refrigeration.

Which diets do Cauli Rice and Vegi Rice work with?

All Fullgreen’s products are low calorie, low carb & vegetable-based, making them compatible with most low carb diets, including: Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Paleo, Primal and Atkins diets. Whichever diet you choose, we recommend a balanced approach to eating with plenty of vegetables.

What is Calcium Chloride and why do you add it to Sweet Potato Rice?

Calcium Chloride is a firming agent that can be sourced from limestone or from brine. It is used to keep vegetables from becoming soft when they're cooked. We use a very, very small amount of Calcium Chloride to help the individual grains in our Sweet Potato Rice from turning into mash when we steam them in the pouch. We assure you Calcium Chloride is entirely safe. If it wasn’t, we simply wouldn’t use it.

Is Sweet Potato Rice low carb?

All vegetables are carbohydrates but some are lower in carbs than others.  Veggies that release their natural sugars more slowly into the bloodstream are called 'slow-release' carbohydrates. You may also know them as ‘Low GI’. Sweet potatoes are a great example of this and, because we keep their skin on, they're also high in fiber. This means our Sweet Potato Rice keeps you fuller longer, and is ideal if you're on a low carb diet.

What are the little brown bits in Sweet Potato Rice?

When we were perfecting our Sweet Potato Rice, we asked customers, “Should we remove the skin from our sweet potatoes or keep it on?”. The overwhelming response was that it should be kept - as a valuable source of potassium and fiber. So that’s what those brown bits are.

Serve Hot Or Cold

Stir fry cauliflower rice
Sauté in 2 Minutes
Sauté in a non-stick skillet, over a medium heat. There’s no need for oil. Stir gently, until heated through. Season and serve like rice.
Microwave cauliflower rice
Microwave in 1 Minute
For best results, microwave Riced Sweet Potato in an uncovered bowl. Heat for 1 minute at 1000 watts (less if your microwave is more powerful). Season and serve like rice.
Make a cauliflower rice salad
Great in Salads Too
Riced Sweet Potato needs no cooking. Use it straight from the pouch. It’s great in grain-free salads, in place of quinoa. Drain moisture prior to use.

No Need To Refrigerate

Riced Sweet Potato keeps for ages in your kitchen cupboard - even though it contains no preservatives. How? Because it’s steamed in an airtight pouch. Once opened, refrigerate uncooked contents only and eat within 2 days.

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Our ready-to-eat cauliflower rice and riced vegetables are available in major US grocery stores and on Amazon

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