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Behind The Greens

There’s only four of us in ‘Team Fullgreen’. We all firmly believe nutritious, low-carb diets are the cornerstone to good health. Making it easier for people to integrate good food into their busy lives is what gets us up in the morning.

Being a small team helps us stay true to our Fullosophy. Every morning, we share our daily objectives and news; we collaborate by scooting chairs between our desks; we eat together and we’ve become really close. Being small also means, when you call, email or comment on social media, it’ll be one of us that answers. And when you see Fullgreen at an event, we'll be manning the stand. So come and say 'Hi'.

We have over 2,000 crowd-funding investors, and an ever-growing following of loyal customers. We call them our ‘Fam’. They talk to us all the time and listening to them helps us improve our products and services. It's the reason every Fullgreen product is now 100% Vegan, non-GMO, and contains only good things: no preservatives or additives. In fact, no nasties whatsoever.

Gem Misa (Co-founder)

Gem cut her teeth as a brand manager at Unilever before co-founding Fullgreen, with Jamie. She’s the heart of the company; working tirelessly to ensure every pouch is made to our exacting standards and overseeing sales across the US and UK.

Jamie Harris (Co-founder)

Jamie worked in marketing, design and business consulting before co-founding Fullgreen, with Gem. Jamie is the man behind the branding and Fullosophy of Fullgreen. He constantly strives to improve and expand our services as well as making sure we never forget our Fam!

Lucy Weston (Communications)

Lucy is in charge of talking to customers, journalists and influencers at events, on social media and online. An erstwhile food blogger, Lucy also manages the creation of all the content you see on Fullgreen's social media and website - as well as developing inspiring recipes with Fullgreen products.

David Tickle (Digital)

Dave is Fullgreen’s web guru, with a background in engineering and a deep understanding of all things digital. Dave single-handedly architected our online experience, making it faster, easier to use and more secure for our customers in the US and UK.

Only Good Things

At Fullgreen all we do is wash, chop and lightly steam our non-GMO veggies. Because good food shouldn't be complicated.

Ways To Buy

Cauli Rice and Vegi Rice are available in supermarket rice aisles and online. There are lots of ways to buy.

Ways to buy

"Fried eggs in ghee, with marinara sauce, and Fullgreen tomato cauliflower rice... This was good. Like so good!"


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